On this page, you’ll find several instructional videos on how to perform basic cleaning and care for you instrument. We will periodically add more videos and updats to this page, so check back often!

Clarinet Cleaning from Conn-Selmer:

Saxophone Cleaning from Conn-Selmer:

Trumpet Cleaning:

Orchestra Cleaning:

Orchestra Instrument Tuning

Orchestra instrument tuning should always be performed by someone who has been properly trained. We are more than happy to train you on how to do this, so feel free to stop by the store or give us a call to set up an appointment!

Ideally, you will use a tuning fork, electronic tuner, or piano to properly tune your instrument. It is best to only use the pegs located directly beneath the scroll. You should only use the fine tuners if you are making minor adjustments to the tuning.

Orchestra instrument Tunings are as follows:

Violin: GDAE

Viola: CGDA

Cello: CGDA (One octave lower than viola)

Bass: EADG