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Whether you’re playing to a crowd of 5 or 500, you must be heard! And most of the time, just yelling louder won’t cut it. You need a clean, quiet P.A. system with the power to fill the room you’re playing with volume to spare. If you are a big band with a small budget that needs a practice P.A., come to Yenney Music. If you are a club owner wishing to upgrade the old, worn-out P.A. that just doesn’t do what you need it to do anymore, come to Yenney Music.

From four-channel powered mixers for the small club to twelve-channel powered mixers for the big hall, Yenney music has the system that will make your wallet ‘wow’ and your ears and heart ‘flutter’. And Yenney Music’s experienced staff will be with you every step of the way, with the technical know-how to make sure your P.A. system always sounds as good as your music does.

For more info on equipment brands, check out: Powerwerks, Yamaha AudioAudioTechnica, and Audio2000

P/A System Rentals

Includes 2 mics, speaker cables, mp3/ipod cable, rca pair, power multitap and power extension cable.

PA Smaller -$75 for 24 hours, $100 for 48 hours-weekend
4-5 Channel Powered Mixer w/15 Speaker pair

PA Larger -$100 for 24 hours, $150 for 48 hours-weekend
6+ Channel Powered Mixer w/15 Speaker pair

Extras You Might Need!

Mic Stands

Speaker Stands

Wireless Mics

Rent PA Equipment

Let us help you set up a Karaoke Party!  We have microphones, speakers, and karaoke discs!  We can even rent you a DVD player and Portable TV for playing lyrics!  Call us or stop in if you need help with planning a Karaoke Party!

Rent Karaoke Gear